Global Admiration & Friendship
Our fundamental belief is that when we utilize our employees' talents to its full extent. We become a respected company by servicing customers around the globe. We believe that by working to benefit others, we in turn, benefit ourselves.
Being a memory semiconductor company, our core activity is making memory. Hence, we do not interfere with our customers' application, nor with their end-product markets. Driven by the above credo we have borderless opportunities to serve our customers.
AMIC have their sales and marketing professionals present across all continents. Together with our esteemed representatives in sales and marketing we span our services in more than 25 countries.
Our logistic services are available around-the-clock. Having a centralized logistic and production planning department, AMIC is expediting production volumes within few working days to any airport within the servicing countries. At our customer production site we offer extended logistic services upon request.
AMIC is constantly driven by our customers' ambition to enhance efficiency, to reduce cycle time and to reduce procurement overhead costs. Our solid long term managerial guiding principles as defined by AMIC's VIP board, are emphasizing employee stability and prudent company financing being the key principles of our company.
The objective: to offer acclaimed customers the continuity in partnership both now and in the future.