Manufacturing, Research & Development
In addition, AMIC's Product Resource Management (PRM) program dictates multiple production sourcing. Our multiple manufacturing sourcing is offering the flexibility needed and is reducing the risk of having production impacts at unforeseen calamities. It also supports flexibility in local content origin allowing borderless production near our customer's production sites.
More than 6 wafer manufacturing sites in 5 countries are producing AMIC products around the clock. Setting new standards in technology and enhancing production yield, our manufacturing partners are regarded as the leaders in their respective field.
Our back-end facilities are widespread in number and located in 3 countries. All of them are ISO/TS certified specialists in assembly, testing, burn-in, and know-how to deal with special requests.
At AMIC we utilize the very latest nanometer technology for our new proprietary products and utilize the more conventional micron-technology for our legacy products. In this, we safeguard or customers' life span cycles.
AMIC develops and markets a wide range of Memory key components and application specific embedded memory design solutions. With design centers around the world and situated near our customers' technology centers, AMIC pursues the very latest system and memory developments closely.